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HiReli LLC. was founded in 2001 as the G&W Electric representative for northern New Jersey. Since then, HiReli has grown to a group of 17 talented individuals covering all or parts of eight states from New York to Virginia. HiReli now also represents Hanhe Cable Systems and Magnetron Transformers. The HiReli Supply Division offers many other products, and HiReli is a WBE, which can assist with contracts requiring MWBE participation.

G&W is still the biggest product line, sales have grown by a factor of 100 since founding and today. The HiReli G&W territory now covers New York City and surrounding counties, Long Island, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. G&W has undergone massive expansion of products and facilities over this period, and HiReli is proud of the contributions to this effort. G&W is a leading global supplier of SF6 and Trident Solid Dielectric insulated switchgear, both pad-mounted and submersible, overhead Viper Reclosers with SEL control, and HV and LV Cable Accessories from 5kv to 345 kv, system protection CliPs, plus LaZer Distribution Automation. Please see the product listings.

HiReli supports product specification and training with the well-travelled HiReli trailer.  Please let us know if you would like to schedule a demonstration.

Magnetron Transformers are well known globally, not only for distribution and power transformers, but for unique variable speed drive multi pole transformers and integrated drive power supplies.

The Magnetron S.A.S. factory in Preriro, Columbia is very impressive. What is now Magnetron started life as a Westinghouse transformer plant, any old timers out there will recognize the Westinghouse heritage. The new Magnetron plant has a specialized fully instrumented test lab that can provide live “witness testing” from a remote location via the internet.

In addition, Magnetron transformers qualify as “Buy American” products under a joint US – Columbian treaty.

FOUR WEEK DELIVERY >> Yes, four week delivery for most ratings of transformers up to 2500kva, Padmounts, Small Substation, Power Centers, etc.

Please use the contact form for more information.

Hanhe Cable Company, Ltd. Is China’s largest cable company, and a global leader for SD cable underground systems up to 500kv. Hanhe and G&W have completed testing of complete HV cable systems at the KEMA lab in Shanghai. Details of this can be found here.

HiReli LLC also supports the joint G&W – Kerite testing of new dry terminations 69kv, 115kv, and 138kv EPR underground systems.

G&W just completed a full test series of a new 230kv/345kv HPFF joint at the Okonite lab in Patterson, NJ. This product line can also accommodate HPFF to SD cable up to 345kv.  Please use the contact form for more details.

A great engineering and support team, great products, experience and expertise, that is the essence of our tag line “HIGHLY RELIABLE POWER SYSTEMS”.

Let us know how we can help you improve reliability on your system!


SF6 & Solid Dielectric Switchgear

Current Limiting System Devices


Automated Solutions

Submarine Cable 

Overhead Cable


And More!

HiReli LLC is a Nationally Certified WBE, proudly representing: G&W Electric, SAI—Advanced Power Solutions, Magnetron Transformers,  and Hanhe Cable.

We are a proud Affiliate Member of the Energy Association of Pennsylvania and Energy Council of the Northeast!

We began as the G&W Electric representative for Northern New Jersey in 2001, and have
expanded into a diverse group of 17 talented and experienced individuals. As well as expanding our group, we have also expanded our territory: From New England south through Virginia!

HiReli Supply Division offers many other products and systems solutions, also a WBE, can
assist in contracts requiring MWBE participation!







HiReli is now a nationally certified
Women Business Enterprise

HiReli is now a nationally certified Women Business Enterprise

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