G&W ELECTRIC is still the biggest product line. Sales have grown by a factor of 100 between founding and today. The HiReli G&W territory now covers New York City and surrounding counties, Long Island, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. G&W has undergone massive expansion of products and facilities over this period, and HiReli is proud of the contributions to the effort. G&W is a leading global supplier of SF6 and Trident Solid Dielectric insulated switchgear, both pad-mounted and submersible, overhead Viper Reclosers with SEL control, and HV and LV Cable Accessories from 5kv to 345 kv, system protection CliPs, plus LaZer Distribution Automation.

G&W just completed a full test series of a new 230kv/345kv HPFF joint at the Okonite lab in Patterson, NJ. This product line can also accommodate HPFF to SD cable up to 345kv.

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